CM DELTA LOYALTY program terms of use

  1. CM Delta d.o.o. (hereinafter also referred to as CM Delta), the exclusive distributor and agent of Gant, Barbour, Vilebrequin, Polo Ralph Lauren, La Martina and Sebago brands, establishes the method of acquisition and use of CM DELTA LOYALTY card by these Regulations.
  2. CM DELTA LOYALTY card is the ownership of the issuer, Commercial Multi Development d.o.o.; Radna zona Matulji II, Trtni 78, 51211 Matulji, OIB 37369614027.
  3. The CM DELTA LOYALTY card is not transferable and can only be used by the person to whom it was issued, with prior identification to the store staff.
  4. The user of CM DELTA LOYALTY card is required to present the card to the personnel at the cash register when paying, for the purpose of registration of transactions and obtaining corresponding discounts. No subsequent changes are possible.
  5. Authorized personnel at the store can verify the identity of the person using the CM DELTA LOYALTY card.
  6. CM DELTA LOYALTY card shall not serve as a means of payment and is valid from the moment of its activation to its deactivation date.
  7. CM DELTA LOYALTY card can be issued to any adult person or legal entity that has previously made a purchase in our stores.
  8. The user of CM DELTA LOYALTY card is entitled to:
    a) 5% discount on the purchase of goods at any time, in all stores owned by CM Delta d.o.o.
    b) 10% discount if the purchase limit of 7,500 HRK is exceeded in one year. The discount shall be valid for a period of one year, starting from the date of the defined discount activation.
    Note: In case the customer, who has been entitled to a discount of 10%, does not exceed the purchase limit of 7,500 HRK within a year when the 10% discount was valid, the option of the 5% discount shall be activated in the following year.
  9. CM Delta d.o.o. reserves the right, in case of special forms of sale, not to cumulate benefits from the Loyalty program, of which CM Delta will inform in the store. In this case, when there is simultaneous presence of several favourable terms or special forms of sale, the customer shall choose the option that is most favourable for them.
  10. CM Delta d.o.o. guarantees the confidentiality of personal information of the CM DELTA LOYALTY program users and commits to collect, store and use the information exclusively for its internal marketing and statistical purposes (research of frequency of purchasing, quantity and type of product).
  11. The card user may at any time submit a written request to remove their data if the data is used for marketing purposes and sending promotional materials.
  12. In the event of loss of the card or card theft, the user shall report on the disappearance of the card in one of the following ways: by post to the issuer’s company head office or by email to user shall be issued a new card to which previously realized purchases will be transferred, while the stolen or lost card will be cancelled from the system.
  13. The User is also required to report any change of personal data.
  14. CM Delta d.o.o. can, at its own discretion and without prior notice, change the rules of CM DELTA LOYALTY program or exclude any user from the club program. Company CM Delta d.o.o. is not required to give reasons to the user, but will inform them of the change in a timely manner.
  15. All possible changes in the Regulations will be made public in stores and on the website.
  16. Membership in the CM DELTA LOYALTY program can be cancelled at any time by written notice to the issuer’s head office, sent by email or post to the headquarters’ address; with the obligation to return the card.
  17. CM Delta d.o.o. can cancel cards that are inactive for 24 months or more.
  18. By signing the membership application form, CM DELTA LOYALTY card user confirms that he or she is familiar with these Regulations and accepts these rules unconditionally.
  19. All information is stored and is only available to employees who need it to perform their work.
  20. These Regulations are valid from 1 October 2019.